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Fingernail Prep Bundle
Help grads prepare for their graduation day and every other important day after with beautiful, clean nails. Our Fingernail Prep Bundle includes the tools needed to get nails ready for a new set of nail wraps, lacquer, or polish.

Who’s it for: Anyone who loves giving themselves manicures using our Jamberry products.
What it does: Helps you prep nails for nail wraps, gels and more.
What sets this product apart:
• Non-acetone Nail Wrap and Lacquer Remover formula is designed to effectively remove lacquer without drying out the nail or finger.
• Our alcohol-based Nail Cleanser helps prepare your nail beds for a flawless application. Use after our non-acetone Lacquer Remover to completely clean any remaining residue from lacquered nails or nail wrap removal.
• Glass Nail Files (Blue)
• Metal Cuticle Spoon
• Cuticle Oil Pen
• Nail Prep Cleanser
• Nail Wrap and Lacquer Remover