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JamPops - Glue Tabs

 Easily apply JamPop™ nails with our self-adhesive nail tabs. These nail tabs help you re-use your JamPop nails and keep your nails looking fresh. Includes 2 packs of 24 tabs (48 total).

 "Who’s it for: Anyone looking to re-use the JamPop nail sets.
What it does: Provides self-adhesive application for JamPop nails.
Ingredients: Acrylic Acid-Iso-ctyl Acrylate Copolymer, Acrylic acid, Silica, PET film.
Application Instructions:
To apply with self-adhesive nail tabs (great for beginners):
1. Select tab that best fits your nail.
2. Remove thin plastic film from the top of the tab, peel up and place adhesive side on to nail, pressing firmly over entire nail.
3. Remove plastic backing and trim off any adhesive that hangs over the nail.
4. Gently press JamPopsTM against the cuticle at a 45o angle, then press firmly down onto entire nail.
5. Allow it to set while applying the rest of the nails, then trim and file to desired length and shape (if needed).
To remove nails applied with self-adhesive nail tabs:
1. Soak nails in hot soapy water for 5-10 minutes.
2. Gently work cuticle stick between JamPops™ and natural nail, then slowly lift JamPop off working from the edges of the nail inward. Do not ever force.
Please note: Nail Tabs remain flexible throughout wear, so slight movement is normal when firm pressure is applied to the nails."