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Snake Charmer
You're sure to be on-trend in this rich, eye-catching hue.

TruShine Gel Enamel Colors are best used with TruShine LED or ColourCure UV/LED Curing Lamps, Base Coat, and Top Coat.

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1. Push back cuticles. Buff and clean nails with a Nail Prep Wipe or Nail Prep Cleanser.
2. Apply a thin layer of TruShine Base Coat and cure with Jamberry LED Curing Lamp.
3. Polish on your favorite shade of TruShine Gel and cure with Jamberry LED Curing Lamp for each coat.
4. Seal nails with TruShine Top Coat and cure with Jamberry LED Curing Lamp.
5. Remove tacky residue with Nail Prep Wipe.


1. Tear open TruShine Gel Remover Pocket along the dotted line. Peel the plastic shield from the outside of the Remover Pocket, revealing the adhesive strip. 
2. Insert finger into the Remover Pocket, positioning nail against the moistened pad. 
3. Fold the Remover Pocket around the finger, sealing the adhesive strip to itself. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. 
4. Remove Gel Remover Pocket from finger. Using an orange stick, gently slide off remaining gel residue, starting at the base of the cuticle and working up to the free edge of the nail. (If gel residue does not easily slide off the nail, repeat previous step until removed.)
5. Repeat on all fingers until gel is completely removed. Wash hands thoroughly and apply Cuticle Oil to maintain healthy nails.